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Miriam S. Bettencourt, MD

Miriam S. Bettencourt, MD

Dr. Bettencourt is a Fellow of the Academy of Dermatology, a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Nevada, and Adjunct Professor at Touro University. She completed a residency in Internal Medicine and Dermatology at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). Upon moving to the US, she completed a residency in Family Medicine and Dermatology at Duke University and was the first international physician accepted to Duke’s Dermatology program, where she was awarded as Chief Resident.

She has held positions as Associate Residency Program Director at the University of South Florida, Tampa, as Head of the Clinical Trials division and Chief of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery at Bay Pines VA Hospital in St. Petersburg, and has been Director and Founder of Bettencourt Skin Center for over 10 years, (now part of Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery – the nation’s largest dermatology practice).

Dr. Bettencourt has been the Principle Investigator for several clinical trials and is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker. She is also an editorial board member for Skin & Allergy News and the International Journal of Dermatology, and has been recognized as a top dermatologist in Las Vegas.

Professional Organizations/Memberships

Serves on the Women’s Dermatologic Society in the Mentorship Committee/Leadership Development Council and is Vice-chair for the International Committee.


Please read what some of Dr. Bettencourt’s patients had to say about their experiences.

“Dr. Bettencourt has the best staff working for her. They are always friendly, extremely helpful, and very compassionate. Dr. Bettencourt is an exceptionally skilled doctor with a warm bedside manner. Having some recent skin issues, she has made me feel very optimistic and a lot more educated about them. We are lucky to have her and her staff in our city!”

“I am a 64 year old male with a lifelong history of keloid scarring. I had two hard keloid scars that 3 of my prior Dermatologists in Northern Nevada could not flatten. After I moved to Henderson from Carson City, I began going to Doctor Bettencourt. Doctor Bettencourt permanently flattened my two hard keloid scars with a series of keloid scar injections. Besides flattening them which seemed impossible before I went to her, Doctor Bettencourt also greatly improved the appearance of the scars. Doctor Bettencourt is a highly skilled Dermatologist.”

“Dr. Bettencourt was such a joy to interact with, and her staff was very accommodating to me. Dr. Bettencourt was very thorough with her examination, and the first dermatologist I’ve ever had to perform a mole check on a regular basis. When I was sitting in the waiting room, I overheard people praising her for finding skin cancer even when patients went to see her for something else. I would highly recommend her.”

“I’m so happy I found Dr. Bettencourt! She really listens and I didn’t feel rushed! All my questions were answered and I felt relieved and at ease!”

So pleased we have Dr Bettencourt as our dermatologist!. She spends time with us and really listens and follows up. We feel that we have had excellent care with her.

We can’t stop raving about the excellent care we receive. I understand why she is in such high demand. She has an abundance of knowledge. When she speaks she is genuine. She doesn’t do what some other doctors do such as give you a quick explanation and send you off. She always explains the results and reasoning behind her decision of treatment. If she notices something that should be checked she will recommend you get tested without hesitation. She seems to be always happy and enjoys her work – she spends time talking with you…and is a very thorough and knowledgeable doctor. She actually listens and doesn’t dismiss you or any symptoms you tell her you are experiencing. In fact, she treats you like a concerned family member who should get checked unlike most other physicians who try to scoot you out as quick as possible. There is a deep comfort level here. I know she will give the absolute best care cause she cares! Her waiting room is always full of us lucky ones who have the privilege of seeing her.

Her staff is always friendly and try their best to keep your info up to date. We’re very grateful for Dr. Bettencourt being in our lives! I have referred everyone to her because she is really that good!!”

“Dr. Bettencourt is, hands down, the best dermatologist in the city. I have seen her for everything from rashes to mole checks (which I think everyone with our sun should have). She is brilliant, and can literally diagnose you with a glance. She is also a Mohs surgeon, which means that she has the highest training that exists for skin cancer. She has removed precancerous moles for me with minimal scarring. My daughters have seen her for acne, which completely cleared up under her treatment. Moreover, she is kind and caring and takes as much time with you as you need. Her office is well-run, and her staff is pleasant and professional. Dr. Bettencourt is the best!”

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